KOYO are Huw Edwards (lead vocals, guitar), Jacob Price (sampling, synthesisers), Seb Knee-Wright (guitars), Dan Comlay (bass) and Tom Higham (drums).

Formed in Leeds in 2015, KOYO have fast become a major factor in the city’s burgeoning music scene. Tagged with the prog rock label, they are in fact proficient, reflective and utterly self-effacing, a far cry from the cape-wearing and wizard-hatted indulgence of your traditional progressive musicians. True, some of their songs are longer and they are well schooled in music – literally. But KOYO wear their versatility and charm very lightly indeed.

Formed by Huw Edwards and Jacob Price, KOYO are an accomplished five-piece. Blending influences as wide as Ozric Tentacles and The Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine and Kurt Vile, they give the impression of being able to play just about anything. KOYO combine beautiful melancholy vocals with intricate riffs and the poetry of Nick Drake. Sampling and synthesisers provide astral soundscapes, grounded by a gifted rhythm section. They are at once delicate and robust.

A powerful live force, KOYO create sonic spectacles through soaring layers of sound. They fill and transform space, create darkness and colour. Songs become extended improvisations, spontaneous expressions of emotion. KOYO are an unmatchable dynamic talent.

Debut single ‘Tetrachromat Pts. 1 & 2’ hypnotises and seduces, transports you to another level of consciousness. KOYO lure you heart first with their fearless emotional honesty. New single ‘Lost in the Kingdom’, released 9 th June 2017, fuses dreams and reality whilst searching for enlightenment. Their self-titled album ‘KOYO’ will be released on 15th September 2017 through 88 Watt Records.

Words by Helen Angell



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"Dreamy psychedelic pop, rolling in on waves of breathy vocals and crashing waves of sound." Mark Blake (MOJO / Q Magazine)

"Easy and inviting on the ear, yet gratifyingly ambitious and big stage-friendly." Polly Glass (Classic Rock)

Out Now!


"A colourful near-prog rock epic and the possible missing link between ‘70s-era Pink Floyd and My Bloody Valentine." Mark Blake (MOJO / Q Magazine) 

"A masterpiece." BBC Radio Introducing






"KOYO are easily one of the brightest young prospects the genre has thrown up in quite a while. Watch this space..." - PROG

"Frankly, they sound as if they could play every musical genre going and with equal flair." Helen Angell (God is in the TV)

THE WARDROBE, LEEDS - Thursday 13th July


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